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Who Are We? The Identity of Elupuu Homepage

Elupuu, means "tree of life" in the Estonian language.  In Komi it is "Olöm pu," in Udmurt, "Ulon pispu", and in the Meadow Mari language, "Ilysh Pushengge."

Elupuu, the tree of life is a symbol of hope, healing and a future for the Finno-Ugric peoples.  Trees and forrests also play a very important role in Finno-Ugric handicrafts, stories and traditions, and so Elupuu, the tree of life, also symbolizes our connection with our past and our traditions, which is an inseparable part of the hope, healing and future we look forward to.

The Elupuu homepage is a Christian evangelistic internet page designed to meet the spiritual, emotional, social and intellectual needs of the small ethnic groups of the Ural region.  The site is founded on a belief that the Gospel of Jesus Christ provides the only answer to the spiritual problems facing all of mankind, and that meeting this underlying spiritual need is the key to solving the very real social problems facing Uralic societies. 



The Elupuu homepage is founded on a belief in the beauty and equal value of each human culture and language, irrespective of size or political power.  Furthermore, we believe that developing an attitude of respect, so that all members of all ethnic groups feel that they, their culture and their language, are a valued and respected part of the larger multi-ethnic society is essential to long term stability and harmony.

Believing that every culture and language is the unique and precious creation of God (Acts 17:26-28), the Elupuu homepage stresses the obligation of reaching out to different people groups.  The ultimate goal is that all different nations and cultures would stand side by side in love, respect and harmony, each praising God in their own tongue and according to their own culture (Rev. 7:9-10).  As it will be in heaven, so today we work to see people of all cultures worshiping and serving God in their own language and culture, in love, respect, and co-operation with neighbouring cultures.

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